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Tampa impact glass servicesA common mistake people make is thinking that impact glass is the same as tempered glass. Anyone who has lived in Tampa through even a single hurricane season is probably well aware of the fact that we have to be extra careful about our selection for windows here. It comes with Florida living.

Of course, a window has many tasks to take care of, such as letting light into your home, enabling you to allow fresh air inside and to provide you with a view to the world outside. However, your windows should also be able to help protect your home, and not act as a possible potential threat, in the event of a storm.

Understanding the Differences

Regardless of the type of windows you choose, they are put through rigorous testing based on the guidelines of the window manufacturing industry. Aside from that, though, there are some differences between tempered glass and impact glass.

Tempered glass is a heat treated glass. The glass is heated first, followed by the surface being cooled rapidly. This process results in leaving the center of the glass relatively hot, when compared to the center. When the center of the glass does cool, the surface and edges are compressed.

This process is what causes tempered glass to break down into relatively small and harmless pieces, in order to prevent potential injuries. When glass breaks, it can create large shards that pose a threat to anyone that may come in contact with it. “Dicing,” as the process is called when tempered glass shatters, helps reduce the likelihood of serious injury, as a direct result of contact with the window.

Impact-resistant glass is created by use of a safety glaze for laminated glass. This type of glass is created by bonding together two or more panes of glass with a thin clear film between the panes. The thickness of this film can range, as can the UV tint or color. This film also helps to hold the glass in place, making it resistant to impact.

In the event of a crack or break in an impact window, the glass fragments stick to the plastic film. This helps to prevent large shards of glass from breaking free, as well as keeps out wind, water or debris that could otherwise be forced through the window.

What Works Best

The best answer is that it depends on your individual situation, and that J & J Glass Company is the company to call on to get the advice that you need. We don’t just sell or install windows. We offer the feedback that you need in order to make good choices about your windows, in order to protect your home, and the safety of your loved ones.

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