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Benefits of Upgrading to Impact Replacement Windows in Lutz, FL

Impact Replacement WindowsIf you live in the Lutz, FL area, it makes a lot of sense to consider impact replacement windows for your home. The windows and glass sliding doors of a house are the most vulnerable to the debris impacts and high winds of the storms we’re exposed to.

Tropical storms, hurricanes, and storm surges can create winds higher than 156 miles an hour. The debris created and picked up by winds that reach this high can be even more disastrous if our Lutz homes aren’t properly protected with impact replacement windows and doors.

Well-made impact replacement windows can withstand high winds of up to 175 MPH. That’s a huge benefit in and of itself, but there are many other benefits of upgrading to impact windows as well.

Impact Replacement Windows Reduce The Outside Noise

As a replacement window company in Lutz, we often hear our customer exclaim how surprised they were about the amount of noise reduction their new windows provide. We’re happy to get these reports because we know what a difference it can make to go from thinly insulated glass to finally being able to block out the outdoor noise.

Some homeowners in Lutz deal with noisy neighbors, being kept up at night by the persistent beat of loud music or the annoying bark of a neighbor’s dog that won’t ever seem to stop. Others have to deal with the constant sounds of road traffic. Talk about frazzling the nerves!

Impact replacement windows could be your and your family’s ticket to some much-needed peace of mind.

Impact Replacement Windows Reduce Energy Wastage

Insulated impact replacement windows will also help you to significantly reduce the energy wastage of your home. Most of the energy loss of a home is because of how easily heat transference occurs through glass. Old windows, especially single pane windows, waste a ton of energy. Depending on the brand and how they’re made, insulated impact windows can reduce the energy wastage to between 15% and 40%.

They Often Qualify for Tax Credits and Insurance Discounts

It’s worth asking your insurance policy about discounts for replacing your windows and doors with impact resistant glass. In Florida, they’re required by law to provide discounts, but you’ll need to make sure you find out exactly what will qualify. For instance, all windows and doors in your home must be replaced in order to get the discount.

This is very helpful because insurance rates are higher in hurricane-prone areas. Also ask your tax-preparer about any available tax credits.

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