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When selecting a bathroom design, quality, beauty and value are the aspects that come to mind. However despite these factors a key consideration to include is the affordability of the bathroom. Using glass as a material for enclosing your bathroom may come as a cheap alternative for you. Cheap shower enclosures that portray beauty are the most considerable options for anyone. Glass shower enclosures in Tampa are the cheapest shower enclosures as they come in varied forms. They consist of:

Sliding door enclosures – these are enclosures slide past each other enabling you to walk into your shower. They are ideal for fixing into preexistent recesses. They are sure to fit into any home design as the sliding glass doors do not take up space required for opening and closing unlike a hinged door.

Quadrant enclosures – These Tampa shower enclosures are amongst the most popular units for households. They tend to be the cheapest among the bathroom fittings and are convenient to most users. These contain two doors with handles that open outwards to let you in. The showering room is spacious enough while still economizing on cost.

Offset quadrant enclosures- These enclosures are for those who are looking for an alternative that saves up on space. These enclosures are fitted with both right and left shower trays to enhance the time spent in the shower. The designs for this enclosure are however varied to suit your needs.

Pivot enclosures- This is a more traditional design of shower units. They work with the glass swinging, pivoted at the edge of the glass enclosure. They swing open enabling the user to walk in and out of the shower. The fitting is composed of a cubical covered on one side by the wall.

Hinged shower door- This is achieved through the blending of the modern and traditional style of creation to achieve its exquisite design. This provides the user with easy access to the shower units. This optimizes the bathroom space making it easier to include any other accessory in the bathroom.

Bi-fold shower enclosures – This is a suitable choice, no matter its location in the room. It can be in a corner or as part of a recess. The design is constructed to enable the glass to slide across the enclosure to ensure that no extra space is needed for the glass door. This is suited for a small bathroom as it highly economizes on space.

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